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 data center services - wikipedia
Data center services encompass all of the services and facility-related components or activities that support the implementation, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of a data center, which is an environment that provides processing, storage, networking, management and the distribution of data within an enterprise. Generally, data center services fall into two categories: services provided to a data center or services provided from a data center.

 what is data center services? - definition from whatis.com
Data center services is a collective term for the supporting components necessary for the proper operation of a repository for storage, management and dissemination of data organized around a body of knowledge or pertaining to an enterprise. As such, data center services can involve hardware, software, processes and personnel. Content Continues Below

 services for data center - cisco
Through our Services for Data Center and Cloud, we offer expert advice, proven experience, best practices, and innovative tools to enable flexible, secure, scalable IT services. We provide a complete lifecycle of IT services from advisory to implementation, optimization, managed, training and technical services for faster time-to-market and quicker hybrid IT innovation.

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 data center services | ibm
IBM Services Data Center Advisor with Watson is a data center management solution from IBM with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capability to help solve complex operational problems of today's data centers. It can not only predict system outages but also identify root cause of potential problems.

 data center services | data center monitoring services ...
Data Center Services Customers today are no longer bothered about their infrastructure being available.They are bothered about their “service” being available. Over the last decade multibillion dollar enterprises have entrusted their IT infrastructure & operations for ensuring that their IT services are available to the business users.

 data center services | data center services
Data Center Services Our Data Center services provide a 360° solution; From planning your company’s infrastructure, to optimising the processes, keeping your hardware & software needs in check and maintaining work flows that move steadily towards your vision. We Provide Data Center Service

 cloud, la mappa dei data center e dei service provider in ...
Dai classici Data Center proprietari, ai Data Center di grandi provider nati con la missione precisa di fornire servizi pay per use attraverso il cloud appunto e, ovviamente, ospitare dati, server e spazi ad hoc per imprese sul territorio che, cosi, hanno la possibilità di accedere, “scalare” su infrastrutture professionali, sviluppate da chi lo fa di mestiere.

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