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 data center architecture overview - cisco
The data center is home to the computational power, storage, and applications necessary to support an enterprise business. The data center infrastructure is central to the IT architecture, from which all content is sourced or passes through.

 what is data center architecture? | fs community - knowledge
The data center has plenty of functions and supports different types of services, such as data computing, storage, processing, etc, resulting in a variety of data center architecture. The data center architecture mainly consists of three parts: data center network, security, and computing architecture.

 data center architecture - check point software
One data center network architecture is a tree based network topology made up of three layers of network switches. Access is the lowest layer where servers connect to an edge switch. The aggregate layer is a mid-level layer that interconnects together multiple access layer switches.

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 data center network architectures - wikipedia
The architecture is composed of k pods, where each pod contains, (k/2) 2 servers, k/2 access layer switches, and k/2 aggregate layer switches in the topology. The core layers contain (k/2) 2 core switches where each of the core switches is connected to one aggregate layer switch in each of the pods.

 data-centered architecture - tutorialspoint.com
In data-centered architecture, the data is centralized and accessed frequently by other components, which modify data. The main purpose of this style is to achieve integrality of data. Data-centered architecture consists of different components that communicate through shared data repositories.

 data center architecture | study.com
A data center architecture is a description of the organization or arrangement of the computing resources (CPU's, storage, communications, and software) that a data center contains. As you...

 (pdf) data center architecture overview - researchgate
Data Center Architecture Overview Authors: Md. Abdur Rashid Abstract Now is the era of cloud computing where internet based data are handled from remote places. Data is being entered. stored....

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