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 ups / ac power supply units - effekta regeltechnik gmbh
AC-UPS online double conversion (VFI) High-end UPS units (Type VFI) for the protection of ultra-sensitive devices and systems, protection against all interference from the mains supply, performance ratings of 700 to 10,000 VA (10 kVA) Large AC UPS systems (VFI)

 ac ups for the din rail | phoenix contact
QUINT4-UPS/1AC/1AC/1KVA - 2320283. Uninterruptible power supply with IQ technology for DIN rail mounting. Input: 120/230 V AC, output: 120/230 V AC/1 kVA. Provides information regarding the state of charge, remaining runtime, and service life of the rechargeable battery module at any time, thereby increasing system availability.

 apc smart-ups online - power solutions
The APC Smart-UPS On-Line provides high-density, double-conversion online power protection for servers, voice/data networks, medical labs, and light industrial applications. Best-in-class power density: More real power in watts, .9pf on 120V models, 1pf on 208V models. High-efficiency “Green Mode”: Achieves 95% efficiency, which saves ...

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 online double conversion ups from effekta | ups / ac power supply units ...
UPS systems with complete protection for office, laboratory and simple industrial applications, from 700-3000 VA. Online double conversion UPS from EFFEKTA are the ideal way to protect sensitive computers, measuring devices and other items of equipment that depend upon an excellent quality of power supply – even when there is a mains power ...

 ups ac per guida din | phoenix contact
UPS AC per guida DIN. Il nostro UPS AC per guida DIN garantisce la massima affidabilità contro i guasti e disponibilità del vostro impianto in caso di cadute o fluttuazioni di tensione. L'UPS AC fornisce un'onda sinusoidale pura all'uscita e alimenta ininterrottamente le utenze AC con corrente alternata. Scegliete l'UPS AC ottimale con una ...

 on-line ups - electronics coach
The specifications of online UPS are shown below: Advantages of On-line UPS. It offers power conditioning along with complete isolation of the load from the ac input. Uninterrupted power is delivered to the load all the time. Power failure does not hinder the mode of operation. The transfer (changeover) time is negligible due to always-on ...

 uninterruptible power supply (ups): block diagram & explanation
On-line UPS. In this type of UPS, double conversion method is used. Here, first the AC input is converted into DC by rectifying process for storing it in the rechargeable battery. This DC is converted into AC by the process of inversion and given to the load or equipment which it is connected (figure 2).

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